Images are a powerful ally of marketing campaigns, but in the coming years, video content will come as a surprise. Moreover, a study conducted by Animoto in 2015, revealed that 4 times more consumers prefer to see a video about a product than read about it.
Also, another study published by Wyzowl endorses these figures: 79% of consumers would use videos to get information about a product than reading text on a page. We could say that video marketing in e-commerce is an interesting bet to promote products!
To corroborate this, according to MediaPost, about 12% of visitors will see a video on an online retail site. If we add to this that 90% of users consume videos on the Internet, especially since there is the facility to do so from anywhere using mobile phones or tablets. Therefore, adding purchase links in the videos can improve the sales of any e-commerce.

7 reasons to understand the importance of video marketing in e-commerce

Video marketing for e-commerce should be one of the safe bets of any e-commerce that wants to be on the cutting edge. Not paying attention to this tool in a company’s marketing strategy, can cause missed opportunities to sell products more clearly.
It also contributes to achieving a better positioning in the search results and, therefore, to sell more units of the products offered. Next, we will try to offer different reasons to understand the importance of video marketing in any e-commerce. Because it allows showing the products in a clear, direct and effective way.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many pictures are equivalent to a video?

Whatever the answer, it is clear that the use of video in product cards brings added value: the customer will be able to evaluate the product offered from another perspective.
In addition, users consume videos on their mobile devices, especially on platforms as popular as YouTube, which makes video marketing for e-commerce very easy.

Because SEO positioning improves

Getting a good position in the results of searches made by users through their teams is synonymous with increasing the possibility that your e-commerce or online store gets more visits than usual.
What does this mean? Well, the possibility of increasing sales will also be present. In addition, each online video platform allows you to follow different SEO practices with which to win visits and reproductions more quickly and effectively.

Knowing how to create e-commerce videos is also important for businesses.
Knowing what should be the maximum length of these, how to title them or how to get the most out of the description boxes, are very important topics that should be known before embarking on the creation of marketing videos.
And focusing on the last point we could say that in addition to providing a small and attractive description, it is also interesting to offer a purchase URL (link) with which to redirect all traffic generated by the video to the portal or e-commerce.

You make the client participate in your video

When someone is trapped by a new video story it’s partly because the content displayed makes the visitor see themselves reflected in it.
Therefore, before starting the video marketing journey, it is interesting to know perfectly what your audience likes and what products are the most interesting for them. With this, we will get a more effective video and in which the user will get more involved and show more interest.

A way to publicize your style and position your brand

Video marketing for e-commerce is one of the best ways to get to know your style and position your brand in new platforms.
And taking into account the popularity of this format, both on platforms such as YouTube and social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, it is wise to use this new format to make it clearer which brand we are selling. They are easy to consume and you don’t have to read.
We cannot deny that the easier it is to consume the content that is generated daily on the Internet is a point in favor of video marketing for e-commerce. And it is not the same to have to read a text to just have to give the “play” and that everything is explained in a simple way, with powerful images, and with a duration rather contained.
This will make videos created by a brand or online company more enjoyable for the target audience. You can share the “word of mouth” on the Internet.

CREDIT IMAGE: by Sofy Dubinska


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