World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum 2022

World Consumer Goods & Retail Forum 2022

Leading market players across the retail sectors will be in Amsterdam next month for a key conference to discuss the lessons learned during the Covid pandemic and offer solutions for future challenges.

The event, to be held from June 23 to 24, is being hosted by renowned European event organiser, Keynotion, and will cover topics such as Global Commerce Trends and New Retail Business Models, The Changing Consumer and Redefining the Post-Pandemic Shopping Experience, Ecommerce Best Practices and Tactics for Keeping the Digital Growth Momentum Going.

As we emerge from the global pandemic, retailers and brands are overwhelmed by the changing retail landscape. The acceleration of digital transformations that took place has redefined consumer expectations both on and offline. During this event, we’ll hear from global leaders across many verticals to make sense of what happened, how they adapted, and how to prepare for the post-pandemic retail world. We’ll cover omnichannel best practices and tactics to get the foundations and basics in place, but also showcase innovations and emerging technologies you should have on your radar.

According to industry experts, the traditional approach to consumer goods management and retail is evolving. The Covid-19 pandemic and the recent geopolitical issues and global inflation gave rise to a rapid shift in corporate practices and adaptations – looking inward for outward change. 

Previous models and approaches that proved effective in the past may no longer be applicable as they fail to account for the operational risks triggered by the pandemic, including potential Covid-19 labour impacts on retail programs, productivity and supply chain issues that are facing the industry on a global level, creating delays and in turn losing customers and businesses, they pointed out. 

Bringing together key market players, the two-day conference will cover lessons learned during the pandemic and offer predictions and solutions for future challenges – including the continuing management of industry recovery.

The aim of the conference is to understand today’s digital consumer and their shopping journey, how to merge physical and digital in a post-pandemic world, technology and solution considerations for creating seamless commerce experiences as well as deriving winning strategies and tactics to grow business and align our business values and initiatives.

“It is incredibly important for us to bring together these industry leaders to discuss best business practices moving forward and how they can collaborate together in order to overcome the current issues that exist on a global level and the real impact being felt here in the region,” remarked Arianna Lee, Keynotion Conference Organizer.

“It is vital that we establish a space for decision-makers to speak openly and really engage on these issues and in the process, develop quality networking opportunities to ensure elasticity and robust business moving forward,” she added.The high-profile speakers at the two-day event include Timo Raab, Global Head of E-Commerce, L’Oreal,. Benjamin Durand-Servoingt, Chief Operating Officer, Groupe Etam, Marta Dalton, VP Data Analytics & Customer Insights, Amyris, Constanze Freienstein, Managing Director Europe, Land’s End Europe Ltd, Andreas Streubig, Sr VP Global Corporate Responsibility & Public Affairs, Hugo Boss


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