5 Reasons Why You Should Use Storytelling in Ecommerce

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Storytelling in Ecommerce

Every week, new e-commerce shops pop-up as established companies and startups compete for market share. In the wake of such intensifying competition, you need to attract and retain customers while adding value to your brand. Storytelling is the perfect technique you can add to your content marketing strategy. It can help you attract new customers, engage your audience, increase your revenue and boost customer retention.
Read on to find out how exactly storytelling can help your brand achieve these goals.

Enhance the Value of Your Content with Storytelling

In a time when brands have recognized the power content marketing has, writing good content is simply not enough. To draw your audience’s attention, you need to tell stories.
Rather than presenting bland facts to your blog and social media pages, create energetic content that creates interest and excitement. Certainly, you will need to research your audience and your industry, but the effort will reward you.
In the end, you can use graphics, video, and text to tell stories to audiences on multiple platforms. Such a multi-tiered approach can increase the size of your audience as well as the value of your brand.

Connect With Your Customers

What if prospective customers felt attached to your brand? Suppose they felt excited about what might otherwise seem like an ordinary online shopping experience? Such cases would captivate the attention of the marketplace and give you an edge over your competitors.
Storytelling can help you achieve this because stories connect with people on emotional and subconscious levels, making them an ideal marketing tool. In effect, when you tell a story, it provides a real-life context to your products and services. You also inspire people to want to know more.
Emotions such as joy, sadness, turmoil, and peace can stir hearts and minds and prompt readers to buy your brand. In short, storytelling can create a memorable and durable experience. Also, it can lead to repeat business, low transaction costs and increased profits.

Build a Strong Brand

In the e-commerce world, shoppers have many choices that often seem similar and interchangeable. Consequently, they may not feel compelled to choose you over another brand. Another reason for using storytelling, brand building, can give your brand a depth that transcends your product line.
In essence, your stories can convey to your audience that your brand consists of more than merchandise. When your brand becomes more than a list of products or services, it will have sufficient strength to withstand the pressure of competition.
Think about the “big picture” of what your brand represents, including its culture and values. In so doing, you give it a broader scope that extends beyond an ordinary product page. To put it differently, storytelling adds value to the customer experience and gives them an incentive to support your brand.

Drive Brand Loyalty

You spend a lot of time and money attracting new customers. For this reason, you naturally want them to stay loyal to your brand. Storytelling can help you do this. The emotions and added value your stories provide can keep your audience engaged from one buying cycle to the next.
Frequently, the same thing happens with your e-commerce brand that happens with a storybook. When the plot thickens, they will be on the edge of their seat, wanting to find out what happens next. Additionally, when given a chance, your audience will want to interact with you so that they can become part of the story.
Under those exciting circumstances, your customers feel valued and appreciated. In response, not only will they buy from you again, but they will actively advocate for your brand. As your community of satisfied buyers grows, the stream of referrals to your e-commerce store will also grow.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

As has been noted, the emotions evoked by your brand can help you achieve a distinctive online identity. By all means, storytelling can give you a competitive edge that results in the sales and profits that you need.
Best of all, storytelling gives you a chance to outshine your rivals without engaging in negativity. Overall, it demonstrates the value of your products alongside the human qualities and virtues that you and your team represent.
Of course, you should always remember that you’re selling the personality and values of your brand. With this in mind, you should take steps to create a consistent character for your brand across all your marketing channels.

Final Thoughts

In summary, you need storytelling to boost your e-commerce strategy. As a matter of fact, the above five reasons should motivate you to build stronger and deeper bonds with your customers. In the end, your stories can result in a valuable brand and a strong bottom line.
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Image credit : Viktorija Jokšaitė