6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

Once you’ve attracted leads to your online store, it should be a breeze to turn them into paying customers, right? Not so much.

Even the most qualified prospects can fall off at any point in the buying process. Fortunately adding live chat to your site can help you learn a few things that will streamline the conversion pipeline.

1. How your customers really shop

Although you’re an expert on your products or services, you may not be an expert on how customers shop for them. To really get inside your consumer’s head, use a website visitor tracking tool (like Pure Chat) to see how shoppers move through your site, what pages they’re looking at, and where they get held up.

6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

2. Patterns in website visitor behavior

Once you’re tracking site visitors, you’ll begin to see patterns that indicate which products are most sought after. Take note of the webpages shoppers visit most and reflect on customer feedback from live chat or sales calls. Use this information to see if certain categories or products should be added to the navigation.

3. Which products could use updated descriptions

Once you add live chat to your site, shoppers will be able reach out right when they have a question. When these messages come in, you’ll be able to see which page the conversation was started from so you can provide tailored answers.

Over time you will begin to see which products are being asked about most and if there are topics that come up regularly. While you could write a canned response to address recurring questions, you may also want to use that information to update the product page itself, so shoppers can get the info they need right off the bat.

6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

4. The kind of service your customers truly expect

It’s no surprise to learn customers would prefer quicker service to slower service. But most businesses don’t realize the speed of service that shoppers expect in today’s world. A recent survey found that 60% of customers won’t wait more than one minute to receive service. Since most people can’t be chained to their desks find a live chat tool that offers mobile apps. That way you’ll get a notification every time someone starts a conversation and you can respond instantly from your phone.

5. When to offer help

Over 83% of shoppers need help at some point during the buying process. That means it’s a good idea to help them move through the funnel by offering assistance at crucial times (like checkout!) with live chat. Set up your chat box to automatically pop up on shopping cart and checkout pages, so customers can talk to a real human and ask last minute questions about shipping or product customization. Patterns in these questions may help you realize the most struggling times and proactively chat with people in key steps.

6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

6. How to save abandoned carts

Unfortunately, 68% of Ecommerce transactions are abandoned before the purchase is complete. That’s a crazy number! Although it can be hard to battle such a pervasive problem, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a site can offer. That means live chat can help you take a bite out of this big number and reclaim some purchases that would have been abandoned.

There’s no question, live chat converts and works in the best ways to create and maintain your relationship with your customer. The customer is more and more demanding, and when it comes to being able to communicate with a brand, instant chat is the solution they’re looking for.

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6 Things Live Chat will Teach you about your E-Commerce Site

Image credit : Ayushi Aswal