Adyen, all payments gathered on one platform


Adyen is a Dutch payment processing company. It has been created in 2006.
Today, the company applies its services in 44 countries and handles multiple currencies.
Adyen allows business owners and private individuals to emit and perceive payments in one and only place.
The Dutch company allows its users to create an account by means of a subscription plan to its tools and services. Private individuals have the ability to create a company and grow on the website.
Adyen applies different fees and pricing regarding the business’s origins. Prices fluctuate depending on the regions. Plus, means of payments’ taxes differ from one to another.


Adyen’s Features

The website’s solution is to manage all of the companies’ money on one and only platform. Adyen allows its clients to register multiple bank accounts, allowing them to manage their personal and professional assets.
The omnichannel solution allows its users to perceive and emit payments by multiple ways. In-store, online and mobile payments are handled easing their clients’ purchases.
International cards and local means of payments are accepted by the website. This allows E-merchants to reach new customer bases and expand their business around the world. In addition, Adyen also provides guidance regarding local markets for professionals.
Moreover, the solution provided by the company also includes data analyses. Business owners have the ability to check their transaction data. It permits them to boost their conversion rates and generate supplementary revenue. In order to do so, this tool converts wrongly refused credit cards payments into approval. This method allows E-merchants to get a better view of their payments.
To avoid fraud defence to stop legit customers, Adyen’s RevenueProject analyses transaction data in order to keep the E-merchants’ conversion rate intact. That way, payments and money are safe while customers can keep buying.

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