Amazon Pay, a familiar and reliable payment method

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service owned by Amazon. The subsidiary has been launched in 2007.
The company targets private individuals and professionals as buyers and sellers.
Amazon Pay supports multi currencies in more than 100 countries (100+ currencies then converted to USD).
The website uses its own database to reference merchants and customers. Two solutions are supplied:

  • Free private solution
  • Paid merchant solution

The private solution allows customers to buy goods safely while the paid merchant solution allows sellers to sell their products all over the world. They can reach a new customer base and protect their data.
With Amazon Pay, Amazon sells its checkout experience E-commerce owners can integrate on their favourite CRM platform. This familiar payment has been adopted by a major part of the internet consumers. Amazon Pay subscribers enjoy the trust bound Jeff Bezos’s marketplace has built with its consumers. The transaction done to the owner’s website allows people to feel loyalty and trust towards him and his brand.
Merchant solution’s subscribers are able to enjoy and access Amazon’s latest innovations. The company is always working on improving its customer experience. Plus, its worldwide presence is an advantage for E-commerce websites since they can reach new countries and sell them goods thanks to Amazon Pay’s conversion.
Innovation doesn’t only concern customer experience since the firm also constantly works on improving its security. Amazon has its own technology regarding fraud detection and prevention. In addition, the website gives an “A to Z guarantee” regarding your customer base. The same guarantee is applied to their own. Finally, to prevent companies from being a victim of fraud, they can verify their customers themselves. It also allows them to create a loyalty program by identifying their best clients the fastest way.

Integrations and Add-Ons

To complete a purchase using Amazon Payments, customers will need to have or be willing to have an Amazon account.
Amazon integrates with numerous platforms, though not as many as PayPal. While PayPal integrates with more than 250, Amazon supports about 20. You can see the full list of Amazon car providers here.

Conclusion on Amazon Payments

If you already sell on Amazon, using Amazon Payments as a payment platform in your ecommerce is very simple. At the same time, Login and Pay with Amazon also offer significant advantages for merchants and organizations not currently affiliated with the company. You can manage taxes, shipments and cancellations at Amazon’s interface. You’ll also be protected against fraud-related chargebacks that fit the service’s payment protection policy. Because customers won’t have to leave your site to complete sales, your conversion rates should also improve.


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