[#EVENT] UnGagged London, the SEO & Digital Marketing Event with Personality

UnGagged 2016

In the competitive world of e-commerce, having an efficient SEO strategy is essential. Some of the key SEO rules imply having clear and readable URLs, a complete sitemap, well optimized titles and description tags, and a responsive and quick loading website. Following those rules is what will allow your online store to gain more visibility and organic visits, which will later convert into sales.
As e-commerce websites are becoming more numerous, displaying your products from their best angle, adding unique product descriptions, and embellishing with SEO optimized images is a must to stand out from the crowd. If you also give the possibility to your customers to share products reviews while implementing social strategy, then you’ve got half of the hard part done.
But there are always more detailed strategies to put in place, subtleties to adopt, marketing techniques to implement, and experience to learn from. Whether you are still learning or you’re a seasoned expert in e-commerce, attending UnGagged event in London will offer you new perspectives.

UnGagged London: Unleash the truth

Coming to the 3rd UnGagged event, next 15-16 of June 2017 in London, will allow you to attend a unique polyvalent event about SEO and web marketing. Located in Etc.Venues in the Westminster area, UnGagged will review subjects such as SEO, Reputation Management, Digital Marketing strategy, legal matters, links, social strategy, and etc.
You will be able to get exclusive content and improve your network with the possibility of attending to 28 conferences, 8 exhibitions, and several networking events. If you are an intermediate or advanced marketer, and if you are eager to learn the latest insights from web marketing strategies but without the usual sales pitches, then this event is for you.
Because yes, as the name suggests, the particularity of UnGagged event is that speaker’s speeches are unrestricted. They are not here to beat around the bush but to provide you and your e-commerce with real actionable methods, about what really works for them.
UnGagged’s keyword is freedom! The freedom of providing you with exclusive SEO strategies and marketing tips (tested and approved by the domain leaders) with no censorship at all, no sales talks, and no recording of any kind (this is the main reason why speakers will be completely free to share insights of their business).

Attend Complementary Masterclasses to go Further

Apart from the UnGagged main event, you will also have the opportunity to attend 2 additional masterclasses the previous day, on the 14th of June. One of the masterclass will be given by Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas. It will talk about SEO with a special emphasis on content and backlinks. Attendees will also benefit from 6 months of Jim’s Private Ninja Tools Access for Free (which is actually worth $6000).
The other available masterclass will deal with integrated marketing topics, presented by Merry Morud & Megan Taggart of Aimclear, a marketing agency specialized in audience targeting and customer acquisition. Both masterclasses are accessible with special tickets.
So if you want to have real insights about market leaders experience and personal tips and also improve your e-commerce strategy with a better SEO and marketing approach, UnGagged is the event for you! For being an E-Commerce Nation reader, you can get 15% off of your tickets with the code ECN15!
What are your best SEO and digital marketing tips?