How to boost my E-commerce sales in 4 simple steps


Most E-commerce sites are hemorrhaging money in lost sales and opportunities. While 360-degree optimization can be a difficult ideal to achieve, many E-commerce business owners are making simple mistakes that drive customers towards the competitor. 

While you might be successful, there are always areas you’ll need to improve. By tweaking a few things here and there, you could rock your conversion and make your sales grow exponentially. The following infographic from Red Stag Fulfillment highlights 4 simple steps to boost your E-commerce sales:

Conversion Optimization: “I have traffic, but my conversion isn’t great.”

If you’re having poor conversion rates but still getting traffic, it’s time to look at your site design. Is your site accessible? Is it quick and user-friendly? Does it function on mobile? If you couldn’t say yes to all of these questions, it might be time for a site redesign.

Step 1: Design the E-Commerce site for ease of use

Make sure that your site is designed with ease of use at the top of your priorities. Your customer shouldn’t have to hunt for the “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” buttons.

how to optimize for poor conversion

Step 2: Make sure it’s accessible for everyone

Making your site disability-friendly will enlarge the pool of potential customers you can have. Also, doing so tends to set you apart from your competitors who don’t offer disabled features.

Step 3: Be honest

Don’t hide behind fine print at checkout, and don’t surprise your customer with last-minute charges. This is the #1 reason customers abandon carts- so don’t incite them to do so. If your product is out of stock, tell your customers! It could be the difference in creating a loyal customer for your E-commerce or one for your competitor.

Step 4: Earn your customers’ trust

We’ve already seen that how much your customer trusts your site has a direct link to your conversion rates. By doing a few simple things, you can improve that confidence in your store:

  • Putting your real testimonials and recommendations in a prominent place on your site and on your social media accounts.
  • Providing several contact methods that connect your customer with a human being.
  • Providing a privacy policy and keeping that promise to your customers.
  • Using a security certificate that secures your service and proves to your customers that you are who you say you are.
  • Offer several different payment methods that are secured to best adapt to different customers.
  • Keep customers updated at every step of the delivery and tracking process.

There are several tools that can help you find out exactly where your customers are dropping off and what you need to tweak to get them to finalize their purchases. Using these tactics will help improve your conversions in a remarkable way.

There are so many ways you can make your E-commerce store function better with a bit of optimization. When you offer your customer an overall better experience, you can expect higher sales, loyal customers, and an E-commerce site built for the long haul.