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Merchant e-solutions

Merchant e-solutions is a US company that has been created in 1999 by A Cielo Company.
The subsidiary’s services are available in more than 17 countries. More than 150 currencies are currently supported by the company.
Merchant e-solutions is specialised in e-commerce payments solutions. The company used to provide two subscriptions:

  • One time
  • Monthly

E-merchants could take the free “one time” solution but the subscription has been waived. Monthly solution still exists. Different fees are spread across the year. Merchant e-solutions provides its services for a monthly and annual fee.
Emerchant Pay
First, this monthly solution provides mobile payments processing. Customers can pay with their mobile, and e-commerce owners can accept these payments with their mobile too. Fraud detection service and 3D security is made available by Merchant e-solutions. Currencies are also tokenized, ensuring money transfers’ security.
Merchant e-solutions supplies a personalised experience with the possibility to integrate their payment API and customise it to fit customers and e-merchants’ needs. This solution works with multiple kinds of payments coming from global cards suppliers like Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
To help scheduling payments, the company offers an automatic billing tool. Orders are also simplified with the ability for customers to order by phone and mail. Loan options are also a part of this subscription. Customers are able to ask for money advances to buy goods, parting risks that they won’t buy because they don’t have the available amount of money.
A business platform is supplied by Merchant e-solutions to let e-merchants handle their business’s management in one and only place. Fraud detection and security levels are customisable.
The company provides a personal consultation during account setup to ensure that e-merchants get the lowest possible interchange rates. The US-based customer service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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