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Simplify is a service provided by MasterCard. It has been created in 2013 by the company to gain parts on the e-commerce market.
Multi currencies are accepted by Simplify. The company is implanted in the US and Ireland.
MasterCard primary axis when Simplify was created was to ease and secure online payments. The service provides online payment processing with multiple features allowing e-commerce owners to pay and get paid directly on the website.
One subscription is provided by MasterCard’s service:


First, this subscription provides e-merchants the possibility to electronic invoices, to make sure that their bills are sent quickly and safely. Customers only have to click and pay. E-merchants are also able to customise their receipts in order to adapt to their clients’ needs and preferences.
A subscription and payment plan manager is available for e-merchants who have punctual payments to organise. That way, customers can enjoy safe payment plans, increasing their general satisfaction regarding provided services. Fraud tools are available to secure e-merchants’ business, their data and their payments’ process. Every incoming payment can be analysed by the fraud analyses tools.
All the processed data is tokenized and sent to Simplify’s own servers. Data is secured and stocked so e-commerces have access to it without worrying about possible security breaches.
In order to adapt with the latest trends, Simplify implanted Apple and Android’s means of payment. These fast and secure solutions are getting more and more popular every day. This permits e-merchants’ customers to pay directly from their mobile. This method allows clients to gain some time and satisfy them regarding their shopping experience.
A virtual terminal is available with the subscription to Simplify’s service. This tool is a simple and convenient way for customers or e-merchants to order. It also allows clients to use their MasterPass, MasterCard virtual wallet service.


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