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What is Stripe

Stripe is an Irish company which allows payments between individuals and businesses. The company was created in 2010 and was publicly launched in September 2011.
Today, the company is operating in more than 25 countries and support over 135 currencies worldwide.
The company allows ease of use for private individuals and businesses since people can simply use it to transfer money. It also permits entrepreneurs to automate payments and create invoices.
Stripe has basic fees, applicable to every professional account. However, entrepreneurs can adapt fees to their needs and their company’s business model.
Stripe fees

Stripe’s Features

Payments and money transfers can be done around the world, as soon as the currency is supported by the company. iOS and Android apps are available to ease the company’s services use.
The company is dedicated to its clients. It customises tools depending on professionals’ needs. For example, it developed an application used by Lyft. This app, ‘Express Pay’ allows drivers to enjoy one-tap payments.
Stripe provides another platform called ‘Stripe Connect’. This platform is directly targeting professionals since it has been made to facilitate a company’s management. It also gives tips on local laws, allowing cross-border businesses’ development. Stripe allows international payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. ACH payments are also handled with other global payment methods.

The company’s aim is to simplify money management and payments, while prioritising security. Different platforms have been made available by Stripe to ease entrepreneurs’ payment flow.
Payments are also made easy for customers. Accounts owners are able to register their clients’ information to let them pay with a single click. This method increases client satisfaction, thus loyalty to brands.
The solution’s plugin is available for the majority of CMS platforms, leaving a large choice to web entrepreneurs.


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