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WePay is an American payment service provider. This company has been created in 2008 after the founder studied PayPal’s weaknesses.
The company’s tools and services are available in the United States of America and handles US dollar payments.
WePay supplies its tools to the US-based companies regarding their business model:

  • Free solution
  • Venture solution (19$ / month or 15.83$ paid annually)
  • Business solution (39$ / month or 32.50$ paid annually)
  • Unlimited solution (99$ / month or 82.50$ paid annually)

Detailed fees and features are revealed during the sign-up process. The sign-up process ends with an automatic account approval, allowing entrepreneurs to start business as soon as possible.
Their basic fee for the free solution is:
WePay fees
Nevertheless, this fee changes according to your chosen solution.

WePay’s Features

The 4 solutions also include integrated payments on multiple CMS platforms. The company guaranties fast, easy, clean and straightforward payment for customers. WePay supplies multiple payers solutions to ease the customer experience. The best customer experience you give, the greater the loyalty will be. This can push your customers to come back to your e-commerce store quickly and regularly.
WePay’s payment API is flexible. It can adapt from small companies to big organisations. The tool also adapts to new ways of paying like Apple Pay and Android Pay, permitting these companies to adapt to trends.
To create a riskless API, WePay studied the merchant’s exposure to risk and compliance issues. The solution provided adapts to new threats and is regularly updated to face new risks. Machine learning and fraud detection tools are used by the payment service provider to ensure its clients’ security.
In case a problem shows up, WePay provides customer service to professionals, but also to their clients who are the ones who need help most of the time.

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