WorldPay Group is a payment processing company that has been created in the United Kingdom. It has been launched in 1989 under the name of Streamline.

WorldPay targets merchants to accept payments from the entire world.

The company works with more than 128 currencies but E-commerces have to choose 14 favourites currencies to work with if they use Visa and MasterCard payments. If they use WorldPay directly, they are able to choose 18 currencies. To use this payment processing service, businesses should know their main targets. This service is available in the UK, the US and Europe.

WorldPay offers two fees, offering the same package of services.


Worldpay’s Features

This package of services is composed of international payments made by card. This means that E-commerces are able to accept payments from their targeted regions. Plus, a commercial partner from the company is there to help businesses manage internet payments. WorldPay accepts alternative payment ways allowing its clients not to lose market parts due to a gap between its payment ways and its consumers’.

WorldPay follows virtual life’s evolution. The website allows its subscribers to access analyses in order to inform themselves and/or adapt their business model. The company also dissects frauds’ evolution. This dissection allows it to adapt and update its security program, RiskGuardian, for the clients to know zero issues regarding fraudulent transactions, meaning a loss of income.

The company offers cash management and treasury services, allowing E-commerces to accept cross-country payments without worrying about potential banking costs. This management also allow companies to be paid faster meaning that they don’t have to follow their payments.

Finally, the company offers the possibility to have only one contract and supplier for all these cross-country payments. This solution allows companies to accept ways of payment like mobile, online, face-to-face, etc.

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