4 Tips to Stimulate the Conversion Rate of your E-Commerce

4 Tips to Stimulate the Conversion Rate of your E-Commerce

Working on the conversion rate of your e-commerce allows you to maximize the efforts deployed on the acquisition. Indeed, a better transformation of your visitors means a higher number of orders for similar traffic.
But your traffic won’t stay the same. By applying a good strategy and by improving your conversion rate, you will be able to drive more and more traffic. Thus, you’ll be stuck in a virtuous circle.
With this in mind, optimizing the conversion of its pages can only be done with a certain level of traffic, for greater reliability and visible results quickly.


Some elements are essential to clearly indicate to your visitors that they can order on your site. In their absence, you deprive yourself of a major argument: reassurance. Without, you won’t be able to stimulate the conversion rate of your E-Commerce. For Internet users to have complete confidence in your site, several points are necessary:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL);
  • Several ways to contact you (most websites use the phone and chatbot combo to reassure their clients nowadays);
  • real customer reviews collected by a trusted solution;
  • data protection;
  • comprehensive information on related services.

As soon as you arrive on your site, the overall impression must be positive immediately. Otherwise, you risk losing prospects who are afraid of scams.
E-Commerce sellers and their consumers are exposed to a lot of frauds today (like credit card fraud or data breaches) . Fortunately, it is easy to protect yourself and Internet consumers from them.


The more difficult it is to navigate within your site, the earlier your visitors will leave it.
On this subject, your design must be adapted to all media (from mobile to desktop) and load quickly. There, you’ll have to chose between an adaptive or a responsive design. Plus, a well designed website will help you rank well on Google.
Also, think of the following elements to make it easier to find products: a menu that categorizes what you sell, a powerful internal search bar, and a system of filters and sorts that are consistent with the characteristics of your products.
Finally, reaching the end of the order tunnel must be as simple as possible, while reassuring your (future) customers to reduce abandonment. For example, choose a payment solution that will allow consumers to stay on your website to stimulate the conversion rate of your E-Commerce. As said earlier, a lot of consumers are afraid of Internet scams, thus, when you allow these consumers to stay on your website page, they will be more inclined to pay.


In physical stores, not all products have the same visibility: gondola head, floor level in a department, end of box product, etc.
The same applies to an E-Commerce website. Not all products can be promoted in the same place, at the same time. Depending on your offers, the period and your sales promotion plan, you will push forward different product categories.
This animation must not only be communicated, but also set up in various places on your site. For example, you can create sidebar product inserts, feed a slider on the home page, put visual elements on the lists (ribbons, crossed-out prices, etc.).

4 Tips to Stimulate the Conversion Rate of your E-Commerce
Amazon’s product sheets

Not forgetting, of course, to offer convincing product sheets, optimized for conversion. These product sheets are also important if you want to rank on search engines. Indeed, your website can be found when clients are searching for certain products you might sell. If these consumers find your website in the first results, they will trust your website more than the others below you. Also, to increase your conversion rate, don’t forget to state your products’ advantages to your clients’ eyes.
This visibility is mostly allowed by to your website navigation design. If your E-Commerce’s design doesn’t fit current consumers’ needs and expectations, you won’t reach your sales’ target.


Another way to boost your conversion rate is to offer personalized content to each visitor. Thus, everyone quickly finds the products they have loved, the offers that concern them, at all stages of their journey. Customization can be done in different ways:

  • On the site (and depending on the nature of the products), a personalization module helps the visitor to project himself in his purchase.
  • When ordering, you can offer an optional gift wrap, and a personalized message to accompany a gift.
  • In case of shopping cart abandonment, you can restart your prospects in an ultra-personalized way with the contents of their shopping cart.
  • For your returning visitors, their browsing history can be exploited: display an area of products already seen, make baskets persistent, or offer to put products in favorites (wishlist).
  • For your most loyal (and profitable) customers, organize selective private sales to create privileges based on buyer profiles.

A lot of tools will help you personalize your clients’ journey through your website. For example, if you have opened your E-Commerce through Shopify, its app store will give you a lot of possibilities.
These four simple tips are a basis to use to help you convert better. They allow the best possible flow to the visitor on your e-commerce site. The steps are simple and can be summarized as follows: reassure, simplify, classify and customize.
And do you have any other tips to stimulate the conversion rate of an e-commerce? Feel free to communicate them to us via our Twitter account!

Image credit : Aurélien Soula


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